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    Lady In The Tower and unhelpful response from customer service

          So, this book was available as an ebook just last week on BN.  As a matter of fact, it is still there just without the "Buy Now" button.  When I emailed customer service wanting to know why I could no longer purchase it  when it had previously been available, the response was about as unhelpful as it could be.  The answer was that it is only available in hard copy and is not available as an ebook at this time.  I think I figured that part out by myself.  However, Amazon, Fictionwise and Kobo all have it.  A little more transparency or at least an attempt to be helpful would have been appreciated. 


            I suppose I would not be as irritated if I had not returned a Kindle in favor of the Nook.  At the time, Amazon had picked the fight with MacMillan and books disappeared and I wanted no part of it.  Amazon couldn't respond as to when they would get the books back.  So the Kindle went back.  Truthfully, I prefer the Nook.  I wasn't bothered by limited content when compared to Amazon.  However, it is pushing it when one day it is there and the next day it is not with no explanation.  I am grateful to all the people who post about other places to obtain ebooks.  I bought my book from Kobo.  I got there in the end, but not without some frustration.  I understand that the ebook market will be in transition for some time to come with all the new devices and everyone jockeying for position.  Having said that, not sure I have a lot of faith in BN right now.