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    Have everyone's sales fallen with Nook Press?

      My sales have taken a nosedive since Nook Press came out. It seems like this has not been as much of a help to independent authors as it was touted to be. My sales on other platforms have remained steady and the sales had been steady for a year or so before that. When I email B&N I just get their standard reply that all is right in their world.


      I have heard that some other people had the same problem of nosediving sales and was wondering how widespread it was?

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          I have to agree. My sales, at first, seemed unaffected. But as the weeks went by, my sales have all but disappeared from BN; which is quite sad. I think it is far more widespread than we would care to have and I hope things will pick up sooner rather than later.



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            Yes, the chart/graph in our new Nook sales pages, depicting six months running, tells the story for me. Looking forward, starting with January of this year, my sales look just like the steps going down from someone's back porch. Feb is lower than Jan...March is lower than Feb....April is lower than March... and May is lower than April. I'm hoping June will be the trend-breaker but it doesn't appear to be continuing as well as it started out (sales for the first 4 days, now none for 3 days, counting today so far).


            I'm with Melisa, in that "I hope things will pick up sooner rather than later".


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              Me, too.  Consistently falling sales since February dwindling down to nothing lately.  I asked around among folks that write in my genre (romance) and I understand that genre wide, the same problem exists.  Something is strange about this. 

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                I have 21 books published as ebooks. My sales have totally stopped on B& N. While my sales on Amazon US, UK, Canada have actually increased


                F.M. Parker

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                  My sales have tumbled as well. I had 640 sales in May of 2012, and just 332 in May of 2013. In April I had 567 sales. So this doesn't jive with "it's seasonal". I'm curious if we'd be having this problem if we joined as a new author. I'm contemplating setting up a new account and migrating my books over to see if it makes a difference. But that would be a pain, so I'm hoping this is something that clears up quickly. I'm assuming everyone experiencing this problem was previously a PubIt author and migrated over to Press, and isn't a new author who started initially on Press?

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                    I'm wondering if it's the plat form that has affected everyone's sales. Has anyone communicated this to B&N? I am a new author and am having issues with B&N PubIt responding to an issue that I am having uploading my book. I have sent 4 emails over the last two weeks ... no response. This has been disappointing. I will start my own discussion. But was wondering has anyone else had any issues with PubIt support? Thx.

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                      My sales came to a grinding halt within the last week. I was averaging about 30-40 sales a month, which is paltry compared to Kindle Select, but now it's even worse.
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                        Yes - me too. And I just launched a new book (Deadly Favors) which has done NOTHING on Nook. When I published my first one last year (Murder Begets Murder) there were immediate sales and it continued to climb. This is odd - I thought it was just me.

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                            I've noticed the 'bursts' of sales over the last week, including 8 whole sales yesterday(!!!). Actually, if I had 8 sales a day, every day, I'd be over the moon. This does coincide with the release of a new title (Werewolves: Dead Man's Hand), and as someone else said, more than just the newest title is selling. But it's very odd. It's like we're on rolling blackout servers, the way eBay does to its sellers. Sometimes people see you, sometimes they don't. When they do, your stuff sells. The rest of the time you might as well not exist.


                            With eBay, you pay fees whether your stuff sells or not (and *more* fees if it does, and more *again* when you get paid). It doesn't seem to make sense for B&N though - they don't make anything from you unless people buy your books. If we're not making money, they're not making money. What's the point in killing their own source of income?


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                            I did some fiddling around with the search options on BN today and here's some things I learned.


                            Keywords are totally useless.  I think someone else mentioned this.  I have six books up, all set in Canada and involving the Mounted Police.  If I search for "Canada" which is one of my keywords with all the books, the search does not find me at all.  This is also the case with "mounties" and "mounted police".


                            If I drill down through the BN site looking for my books (NOOK books - Romance - Historical Romance - Westerns) the search will find 4 of my books and not six.  All have the same categories defined as well as identical keywords except for additons of words unique to each book. 



                            I have also just noticed that if you drill down for "Books" (instead of "NOOK books") - Romance - Historical Romance, you will get a subset of genre (westerns, native americans etc.).  This does not appear if you start with NOOK Books and as a reader, you are forced to search through nearly 18,000 historical romances to find one you might want to read. 


                            I'm amazed I'm selling any books at all.  I'm convined that before this plunge in sales, my books were more easy to find or else readers were passing their satisfaction with my books to other readers in some way that does not exist now. 


                            Just a few random thoughts. 



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                                I see B&N just announced improvements to Press this morning, including some "behind the scenes/under the hood" improvements, so here's hoping that's euphemism for "we're trying to solve the missing sales issues".


                                In testing to see if there's some legacy issue of having titles ported over from Press, I'm in the process of signing up for a whole new account so I can upload titles from the get-go via Press, then I'll be able to compare sales from a fresh account with my old account. Will hollar if I see anything noteworthy.


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