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    Cannot Upload any Manuscripts - but they work fine on Pubit

      Our books all pass the dreaded ePubCheck3 validation as a rule before they ever go out the door. These same epubs upload fine to other vendors, including the also-dreaded "fruit vendor."


      Yet every time I try to upload an epub through NookPress, I get the error "An Unknown Error Occurred" - and that's after I click on "View Details."


      Some details.


      Here's the kicker - the book uploads fine when I go through pubit. I've sent multiple emails to pubit@bn.com - the only email address I can find anywhere - and received no response.


      If NookPress becomes the only way to publish on the Nook, and pubit goes away, our books won't be available on the Nook, and you can bet we'll let all our readers know exactly why.