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        I've noticed the same thing. Yesterday's sales show one thing, but when it's added to MTD sales, some of them disappear. Earlier, that was correcting itself after about a day, but now it's been 3 days and the sales are still not there.

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          I posted this in another thread, but hope I can catch the eye of an administrator regarding a similar vanishing of sales reports.


          (I would like to know if anyone has an actual phone number to an office that handles the Pubit! division.)


          A couple of weeks ago, we had our October sales vanish completely from the sales report. As of today, our November and December sales vanished from the reports as well.  They are completely gone from the report.  I have written to the general email address listed, and given detailed information, as we do have contact with several readers that have ordered the Nook versions, and can definitely prove those sales occurred, but all I have gotten in response is a form letter (three times in fact).


          Any advice or help that anyone can give would be appreciated as I would like to get on this first thing Monday morning.

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