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    NO Overview on my latest book.

      There is no overview on the sales page of my latest book, no information about the author/illustrator. Does anyone know why this would be? It is a children's book called Billy's Dream in case you want to check it out.

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          That is odd :smileyfrustrated: I looked up your book and all book/author related info is missing.

          I'm sure you didn't miss anything and it'll be updated soon. We all know NP is full of glitches and unresolved bugs, maybe you've, unfortunately, discovered yet another.


          Sorry :smileysad:


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            I just wanted to chime in to say that my book Sacrifice of the New has this problem as well.  It just went up today, so I'm hoping the overview will appear within the next few hours.  I posted a review of my own book just to add a description, so if the overview appears I will delete it.