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    Kid Ebook question

      I have a Kid ebook that I self published here.

      My character's name is Murkjan. She is under four years old.

      I have no idea how to let people know about the book.

      I have done a few read my books on the site, but am unsure if that helps.

      I have this thing about pushing parents around. I can't do it.

      My reader doesn't read yet.

      I thought I would ask here.

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          I couldn't figure out how to edit that post. It would be nice if I spelled the name Murkan right.


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              Hi Strayer,


              Are you the same Strayer from Authonomy? If so, I loved your kids book on there!


              Have you tried contacting people with blogs and asking them to do an author interview/review? Are you on Facebook/Twitter? Those are also great ways of getting to your audience.


              Shalini x

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                  Yes, I'm from Autho.

                  The book on BN is a different. The Autho book is far too long to upload here.

                  I just signed up on twitter and am still very confused about using it. I'll figure it out.

                  I can't make myself use facebook.

                  I will be uploading to Amazon, but BN is my self pub home.

                  My concern is the age of my character. SHe's young and I don't want her anywhere with bad things.