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    Nook Store - "A Problem Occurred"

      I can't seem to get the Nook store (apps or books) to load up on my NT. I am getting an error message - "A Problem Occurred". Scrabble app won't start either. Web and email, as well as most apps work just fine. 


      Is the store down / overwhelmed, or is the problem on my end?



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          I also got this message and upon investigating I found that I had filled up my Nook 1 gig allowed to be used already.  My Nook color was trying to download and didn't have anywhere to store the download so it errored out.  I have also seen this come up when the Nook could not connect to my wireless properly or when my wireless I connected to is redirecting the Nook  to another page, mainly a proxy server page at my company.

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            My problem started day before yesterday. When I go to the B&N Store (SHOP) I get nothing. The browse the nook stage and popular lists appear but are empty. When I search for something I ge tthe following:

            A Problem Occurred


            Sorry, a problem has occurred. Please try again. If you continue to receive this error, visit nook.com/tablet/support


            I've tried visiting that site and it's less than helpful. I have 0.94GB free of the available space on my nook plus I have a 16 GB SD Card.


            I haven't tried the deregister process. I did change my user password on the website so I wonder if that is why the Nook won't work, but there is no where on the nook to update my account password.


            Anyone else have any good ideas?? I'm really frustrated by this. I've had it for 3 days down and it's having problems.

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                I am still stuck in the same situation. I did check, and my available space is around 90%.


                I even called tech support - they suggested to reinstall the update manually, which I tried but the tablet wouldn't finish installing - I think it is due to the update already installed on my NT.


                I would rather not do a factory reset if possible.


                I do think the latest update (1.4.1) is culprit here.


                I hope 1.4.2 is coming soon.

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                So, I get this error ALL the time when I try to logon to this forum from my pc.  LOL.  Haven't  seen it (yet!) from my nook. 


                To the OP:  The apps that work fine, were they preloaded?  Do any that you have purchased work?  Did you purchase via PC and browser?  Or are you entering the shop directly (On the NT, click the "n" one time, then a menu comes up, 3rd tab over says "shop". )   If you purchased via PC, when you are in the Apps library, have you synced? (circular arrows on bottom left hand corner.)  Just throwing ideas out that might work (and trying to narrow down where the problem is starting.)


                Re: to NC user with 1G of memory --- you can go to a B&N store and have them repartition it for you so you will have 5g for apps (but then you will lose the same amount of space for sideloaded materials.)


                Two other things to try are going into the web settings and clearing your cache.  And the other thing that sometimes will clear "errors" is the hard power off (when go to power off, instead of clicking botton to power off, just keep holding the power off button.  Wait a few minutes, and then turn it on again.