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    My nook simple touch has turned green

      I've had my nook for just over a year or so but I haven't used it muched due to reading 'To Kill A Mockinbird' twice over for school. Anyway, I read a hefty book series on it and when I finished I placed my nook on my bookshelf facing a stacked up paper-back book series. When a few months later I picked it up again, I saw that my nook had turned green. It's a faint haze, I would describe it has, denser where I hold it with smudges where my fingers go (the buttons for page-turning, around the top where I hold it to press the power button etc.). To look at face on it looks strangely off-colour and you can clearly see it's green when tilted to the light. Now, call me curious but I would really like to know why this is :catindifferent:


      Danke, Brit