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    Manga on the Nook Classic?

      While searching for something else,  I came across some manga in Nook format on B&N -- Digital Manga Publishing is now using PubIt to publish manga. (They have a regular Nook version and a separate Nook Color version of many, or maybe all, the titles.) Most of these are actually the manga, and not the illustrated novels inspired by manga. However, there are no samples available, so I'm afraid to try them. (They range from $7.95 to $9.95 -- cheaper than the paper editions, but not worth it if I can't read the text.)


      Has anyone tried these? Or am I going to have to be the guinea pig? :smileywink:


      Note: Many of the titles in the link above are yaoi manga. Those are stories (written primarily for a female audience) involving romances between men. If those aren't your cup of tea, then of course you will not want to download them.


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          As publishers, we are given a Format Guide by B&N whenver we upload our comic/manga pages online for sale through the Nook market. It involves a lot of tweaking with the contrast, size ratio, etc... 



          Since the beginning of 2011, I've sold over 300+ paid downloads of my manga/comics in B&N from Nook readers/users, and all feedbacks are great! 


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              Thanks! That cover looks good, although I'll have to wait until I get the Wi-Fi to work in the house. Or of course I could always buy it in a B&N or Starbucks...


              BTW I tried a couple of manga from June and found that I could read the text (although I did have to put on my close-up glasses :smileyhappy:). The only text that gave me a problem was the text in a lighter shade (such as the character's thoughts).


              And now that I've succumbed and bought a Nook color tonight, who knows how they'll look on that?


              *Whistles nonchalantly*