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    New thriller from Timothy Frost

      My first nautically-themed thriller 'Final Passage' proved popular with Nook readers earlier this year, and I hope my new book will be too. The Abigail Affair is a British suspense thriller offered on Nook at $0.99 until December. Please check it out if it sounds like your kind of read!
      It's the story of Toby Robinson, a charming young idler who gets a job on a Russian billionaire's mega yacht without a clue about what he's letting himself in for. He gets an idea that life is going to be harder than he anticipated when he comes off his first shift to find a dead body in his cabin. And that's just the start of his troubles.
      The Abigail Affair is around 420 pages long and is suitable for those 15+, I think. 
      It would be great to get some feedback and reviews from the Nook community. Thank you!