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    Can't read new books on Nook HD

      I just received the Nook HD 7" and every time I buy a book directly on the Nook HD after downloading it, when I go to open it there isn't anything there. It shows the title of the book at the top of the screen and the page numbers at the bottom. Other than that, the screen is blank. I have moved the book to Cloud and redownloaded it, I have archived the book and redownloaded it, I have deleted the book and reinstalled it and I have completely powered down my Nook and none of this has worked. The only thing that worked was opening the book on another device. Once I opened the book on another device then it was accessible on my Nook HD and if I purchase the book from another device I can read it on my Nook just fine. Just can't read anything bought directly from Nook HD. Customer Service is a joke. They claim it will be fixed in 48 hours but I really doubt that. There has got to be a way to fix this. Please help!