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    Disappearing and reappearing June 7th sales

      I got three sales on June 7th, for a total of $9.10 in royalty. On June 7th, those sales were listed under "Today." On June 8th, they were listed under "Yesterday." Then on June 9th (today) at 1:30 a.m. CDT (6:30 a.m. GMT), they were gone--poof.


      So I sent Pubit an email.


      Pubit never replied to my email, but now I have my June 7th sales back, twelve hours after I discovered they were missing.


      So what do you guys think happened?


      1) B&N stole my sales, then gave them back when they found out I'd caught them in the act.

      2) B&N's software glitched, and those sales would have stayed gone except that I got B&N Support to do a manual search. Without my email, I'd be out $9.10.

      3) Those June 7th sales would have shown up by now anyway, even if I hadn't sent Pubit Support that email.