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    Introducing An Unexpected Obsession-(Romance) eBook

      Hi all,

      I've been a member of the site for awhile, but tonight I stumbled upon a thread asking if it was okay for an author to post about their new eBooks here...and since the answers were all thumbs-up, I'm going to take advantage and start my own thread.:smileyvery-happy: The link to my book on the B&N site is below and I would love for anyone interested in the romance genre to take a look. And, I hope that if anyone is interested in discussing the book with me that they'll post here. I always get asked who Cameron is in my mind...if you want to know, ask and I'll tell, but I don't want to ruin it for you if you have a completely different Cameron picked out.


      I won't bore you with a long synopsis as it is already available through the link (and once I start writing I can get quite passionate--read: too long-winded for a summary:smileywink:). I want to be entertained when I read and that is the goal of my writing. I have no illusions of An Unexpected Obsession being the next Great American Novel, but it sure was fun to write! One warning, there is quite a bit of "sizzle" in my book, therefore it is definitely not a book for young readers. (I'd give it a solid R rating). I really hope you enjoy it!!!


      An Unexpected Obsession 



      I'm busily at work on my second novel and hope to have it ready for publication before the new year. So if you enjoy my "voice", you won't have to wait to long to "hear" more of it.


      Thanks for the opportunity!