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    Giftcards Disappeared from My Account

      I just bought 4 ebooks expecting them to be paid for by one of the three giftcards on my account. The first purchase was charged to a giftcard no problem. After purchasing the remaining three I noticed these were charged to my credit card. I went to look at my giftcards and they were gone. I was able to reenter them and the balances are correct. Has this happened to anyone before? Can customer services transfer the charges to my giftcards? I guess it is a good thing I saved my giftcards, otherwise I wouldn't have had the card numbers to reenter.
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          Had this happen to my daughter's account just this past weekend. She wanted 2 books. Put $20 on the card which should have more than covered her $12 in books. Checked the account before I purchased the books. She asked me tonight if there was enough on her card for another book. Look on her account, the card and info was gone and the books had been charged to my CC! Re-entered the gift card and numbers were accurate for what should be on the card after I reloaded it. This on top of putting samples in my library I don't want!!!  NOT COOL B&N!!! :smileymad:


          P.S. :smileytongue: B&N Spell Checker doesn't recognize the term Giftcards and offers Suffragist!

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            @tmr4 and AikiPen:


            Thanks for giving the "heads up" on this problem.  My gift card information also vanished (sometime between September 13 and September 14, judging by when my purchases switched over from the gift card to my credit card).  Unfortunately, I did not still have the physical card.  After more than an hour on the phone with customer service this afternoon, I got to a manager (Angela J.), who was able to retrieve my gift card number and PIN number, so that I could reenter the information into my account and restore my $66+ balance.  (Thanks, Angela!)


            Angela asked for the order number on the order which charged to my credit card, rather than my gift card, so that she could transfer the transaction.  It wasn't important to me because the only credit card charge which went through was for a $2.99 book, but the fact that she offered indicates that they can do this if you want them to.


            I did make her aware of the existence of this thread and asked her to escalate the issue, so B&N may reach out to y'all.  If they don't, I encourage you to call customer service and, if possible, ask for Angela.  Good luck!

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              I thought it odd that I had gone through a gift card so quickly--checked my account balance, and it was $0. After reading this thread I wondered if the same thing had happened to me. Fortunately for me, too, I still had the card so I could check the balance. I still had a balance of more than $20 on the card! This is the first time I have had an issue with this.


              Glad I check these threads regularly and saw the post!

              • ALERT:  Disappearing Gift Cards AGAIN!

                ALERT:  B&N has, at least in my case, lost the gift card information attached to NOOK accounts.  Last night, I purchased a NOOKbook and was surprised to see that the receipt indicated it had been charged to my credit card, since I just added a $100 gift card to my account in late August.  Fortunately, I keep my gift cards (after this happened last year; see my post above), and when I added the gift card to my account again this morning, my $54.01 balance reappeared.


                If you use gift cards to manage your NOOKbook purchases, you may want to check your balance to see if yours have disappeared as well.  Last time (before I learned to hold onto the physical gift card), Customer Service told me that it could not retrieve the card number and PIN to restore my balance, but I was finally able to reach a supervisor who could.


                (Sorry about bumping the old thread; the message board isn't giving me the title field today for some reason, so this was the only way I could post.)

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                  Thank you to those who've posted about this problem. Today my gift cards and balances disappeared from my account. At least I was able to re-enter the card number and pin and retrieve the remaining balance. To those like me that purchase E-Gift cards ya might want to hold onto that email that has the number and pin until the card is empty.

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                    I too have had this problem, but unlike others when I went to reenter my giftcard number and pin it showed $0 balance. I had a $10 e-card and bought a e-book for $7.99.  Try to get help from B&N on this, but noone seem to want to help me.

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                        Always CALL CS on the phone when you have a problem. Emailing support or trying the online chat are completely useless in my experience. You have to wait for an email response that may or may not address your problem and with online chat, they may or may not have the ability to address your problem, let alone solve it.


                        On the other hand, I have ALWAYS gotten great service when I called them directly. 

                      • Giftcards Disappeared from my Account
                        Is it advisable to purchase giftcards or not?
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                            thelios wrote:
                            Is it advisable to purchase giftcards or not?

                            I have never had any issues with them, and I prefer it over seeing a bunch of $4.99 charges on my credit card.  I only wish they would fix a couple things:


                            (a) use up one card before going after a second.  If you have more than one, they always debit the largest balance (the worst logic possible) so you end up with three cards with $4.23, $1.79 and $2.76.

                            (b) use my gift cards for my subscriptions.  Why is my credit card getting $3.99 dings every month for Analog and Asimov's when there's plenty of balance on my gift cards?

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                              thelios wrote:
                              Is it advisable to purchase giftcards or not?

                              No, IMO, it's not.


                              I only buy B&N giftcards for my parents, and only because they ask me to, even though they're aware of the issues.


                              They do ALWAYS make sure to keep the cards (or the emails for e-cards) because if you enter the card online and then the card "falls out of the system," you can re-enter the card and get your balance back.  If you don't have the card/email, you can't.


                              And they don't get worked up when their credit card is charged instead of the gift card.  And they don't mind if they have to combine a bunch of little balances, as my dad likes to spend time at their local B&N, so it's not a big deal to him.

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                                  I had this happen to me a couple years ago, it was the Christmas just after the Nook Color came out. After that I started keeping a spreadsheet. I enter the giftcard number on the spreadsheet when I buy it. I guess I'll start putting the pin on it too. On the other hand I usually but ecards and don't delete the email either. I did only have the giftcard info fall off my account once.

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                                I was advised NOT to purchase gift cards here. I went ahead and purchased one to see if I liked them, knowing that they had problems. I entered the card info ON MY NOOK COLOR not on my computer. And as of right now, I have not had any problems whatsoever. KNOCK ON WOOD. I really like the ability to purchase the books and NOT have them hitting my bank accounts.
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                                  Mine disappeared yesterday. Very frustrating. I have to admit though that this is only the second time it has happened since over a couple of years.


                                  I keep a care on my account because I don't want to keep dinging the credit card everytime I buy a book. Also keeps me on a budget.


                                  I always keep my gift cards because I reload them. This was great with the N1, had the same card for over a year. Then the feds made some sort of gift card rule that you could only reload a card so many times up to a max card lifetime limit. Now I can only reload a specific card 3 or 4 times.


                                  In my opinion gift cards are worth it, just keep an eye on them.

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                                    I'm a little late to the conversation, but this just happened to me this morning and I am mad. I have been trying to send all my book business to B&N because I am worried they will go out of business like Borders and there will no longer be any major competition to Amazon. But when something like this happens, it makes it difficult.


                                    This morning I went into my account and there were three gift cards on my account, as there have been for a few months. There were two red messages, the normal one about only allowing three cards on the account and then one that said the gift card I entered was not valid. I hadn't entered one. I figured it was an error so I refreshed the screen. Big mistake. The $25 gift card disappeared.


                                    On Amazon, it lists every single gift card I have ever stored on my account, so I can easily go back and check. Not so with B&N, which I find ridiculous. When I called, the rep said if I didn't have the card, there was nothing she could do since she didn't see it on the account. I asked her didn't B&N have a history of account activity. I entered it a while ago so surely there is a record of that somewhere. Of course she said no. I had long since gotten rid of the card since it had successfully registered in my account. Lesson learned on that one- now I have to keep track of all B&N cards myself since they don't list them for me like Amazon.


                                    I asked to speak to a supervisor at which point the rep said she would transfer me, but if I didn't have the card, they probably wouldn't be able to do anything either. I again asked to speak with a manager. It is going to take 1-5 days to find out if they are going to give me my balance back.


                                    I'm not rich. $25 does mean something to me. But the bigger issue is that money just disappears from my account. I am trying so hard to stick with B&N and encourage all my friends and family to do the same, but when things like this happen, It is so difficult, especially when Amazon really outshines B&N in this respect. B&N, please remedy this to my satisfaction. It will break my heart if after all these years of being a die hard, loyal customer, I have to bail ship and switch to Kindle as my primary eReader.