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    Nook Not Charging - Broken USB Connection?

      My Nook Color is Model number is BNRV200 and I purchased it in 2011 and haven't had any problems until I accidental bent the USB connection while it was plugged in.  It would work if I placed the cord just right but after a few days, it stopped charging.  When I plugged the USB cable to my laptop port and then my desktop, nothing happened.  The Nook was not found and it was not charging. I have two Nook adapters and they both worked until I bent the USB cable.  My Nook adapters do not have a charging indicator light so I have to open my Nook to check the battery indicator.  It went from yellow to red.  The battery low screen message does appear. Would bending the USB while plugged in my Nook cause it to stop charging?  Is there some way to fix it? 

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          1) If you accidentally bent the USB connection while it wa splugged in it either


          - bent the USB connector that's inside the Nook




          - did some damage to it.



          If it's the former, then doing something like

          - plugging in the USB cable and then twisting and putting cable under Nook so there is pressure at the slot.


          Might make it work.


          However, it might also make things worse.


          - you can also try the following: plug the cable in and then lift up the Nook using the Cable. See if that turns the light green.



          If the USB connection inside is damaged then not sure what the solution is. However, I doubt it's damaged. I think it's just bent and you just have to see if you can find a way to make the USB plug connect the right way.




          Ideal would be if you are near a B&N store and can go and let the Nook person at the store take a look and suggest something.


          I had an old Kindle DX where the USB cable slot got bent and it would only charge if I wrapped the cable over the top of my monitor and then let the cable and USB plug support the weight of the Kindle DX partially. Worked that way for 1+ year.

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            Thank you.  My Nook USB cable is broken.  I just noticed that the other Nook USB cable is not as long as the broken one.  I ordered a new Nook USB cable and hope you it isn't broken internally.  The B & N store is across town and I will take it in if the new Nook USB cable doesn't work. I really like my Nook and miss it.  I am satisfied with your answer and will mark this post as solved.  Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.