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    Sorting books in the nook color

      Is there any way to sort books on the Nook Color besides by author or title?  I have over 1000 books organized & tagged in Calibre -- I can't imagine recreating that by hand on the Nook.  What have I missed?



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          Are you using the Shelves functionality of the NC?

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            I have started to, but scrolling through 2000+ books is extraordinarily tedious.  I've already got them tagged & ordered by series -- can't the nook take advantage of that?  The horribly old sony ereader  I had could -- there's got to be a way to make this really pretty & new tablet-like thingie do it.

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              This is the biggest fail of all for the Nook Color.  They need to have tagging, I need to easily sort books.  I cannot tell which books have which tags/shelves quickly and easily.  I do not mind doing this offline and porting it in but it is horrible!  I want to scream everytime I go looking through my books because when I download them, they do not bring information about their genre, if they are part of a series, etc. I can only sort by author and load date. SO Disappointed with that aspect.

              I love reading on my Nook, just not figuring out what I have, what I have read, and what to read next.