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    Bogus Reviews from non-users!

      Greetings! I am an OWNER of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and I love it. Some vicious reviewers are saying that anybody saying they love the new device are liars, and they've said other things that annoyed me.

      I have written about this before, but I will say it again. People should NOT review something unless they have bought and used it. If they want to comment about something, they should go somwhere else. The reviews are used to help people make decisions.

      But, nowadays I'm telling all of my friends to go see the reviews elsewhere because the reviews at B&N can NOT be trusted. People are using the reviews as a comment section, and they are being malicious because they are tearing down something for their own selfish reasons.

      I believe some of them are kids (teenagers) that have too much time on their hands and little supervision. For example, when I recently tried to read some reviews about a book I wanted to buy I found explicit, sexual comments that seemed like "sexting." I assume by their writing that they were written by teenagers.

      Another question is where is B&N through all this? They are a big organization, but they can't hire anyone to look at the reviews and clean them up!?!

      The reason why teenagers and other malicious people can use the review section is because no one stops them. There are no parameters and no rules. This needs to change.

      Right now, if I want to buy anything from B&N I look at the reviews on the Amazon site first.

      By the way, if anyone wants to look at real user reviews for the Galaxy Tab 4, go to Amazon. They don't have the Nook software, but everything else is the same.

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          If B&N started deleting the negative reviews of their products, their credibility would be harmed far more than the reviews can do.

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              Greetings! It's not the negative reviews, but the mean, malicious and sexual ones that need to be edited. Why when I am trying to buy an art book do I read a review that says, "If you want a good time, call xxx.xxx.xxxx?" (Yes, there was an actual number written in the review.) And, it was a one-star review. Is that relevant? And why when I look at the reviews coming in for the Tab 4 Nook, do I see reviews that state anyone who gave the device a 5-star review are liars and con artists? Is that fair? Is that relevant? By the way, that was a one-star review, too.

              I don't mind people who buy a product, hate it, and write a review. That's their right. What I despise are people who are using the reviews for mean, malicious and sexual commentary. People who read reviews don't need that. I don't need that.

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              I would agree on bogus reviews, but in all honesty most people will look at several review sites before they make a purchase. I had the Nook first addition and I had to replace it after 6 years. So I looked around for other options. I have used the SGT4 (because my brother loves it) however I didn't like it. It is just my personal preference. I'm an avid reader and when I'm reading it is my escape, I don't want to deal with music, emails, pictures, face book updates. Now, should I not give a review because I didn't buy SGT4? A review is one person's opinion, a person you don't know and should be given that amount of consideration. As a consumer I often read reviews for products I'm looking to purchase but at the end of the day to purchase an item comes down to my personal choice.