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    Nook for Win8 now available!


      Nook for Windows 8 is was released today. 






      If you have already purchased a Win 8 device, the rest of us would be interested in what you think of the nook app.  Thanks! 




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          Overall, looks good but two complaints:

          There's a "sync" button available when I right click on the home page, but it wouldn't recognize read positions from my other devices nor save a new position to the B&N server. I know the server works because I could sync the same book positions between my iPhone and Nexus 7, etc.

          The lag time going from a book back to the home page is much too long. The app looks beautiful but badly needs speeding up.

          Not a bad start though. I hope to finally see something in the Mac App Store updated for Mountain Lion as well. :smileyhappy:
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            And.... we're still waiting for Windows Phone apps.

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              Good start but I miss bing able to add notes and comments to what I am reading.  This is my biggest reason for using ebooks.


              Also, when turning pages I have noticed it will duplicate some of the text from the previous page on the current page.  This only seems to happen after a refresh.


              Also, can not wait for the Windows Phone 8 app.