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    Porn samples appeared in my library.

      I know this issue has been posted before but I feel that activity like this should be flagged up. 


      I decided to activate wifi last night as I'm nearing the end of a book and wanted to do a search.  I noticed that there were some titles in my library marked as 'new' and was shocked to see that they were all porn samples.  There were 3 pages of these samples!!  I have never tried to search for anything anywhere near approaching this kind of content so how on earth did they end up in my library?


      As a security measure I am going to change my email address and password but am not happy about this and am wondering whether to get rid of the nook and get a kindle instead.  I had a kindle for about 3 years and never once had any suspicious or unsolicited activity on it.


      How many nook owners have encountered this I wonder...

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          I've had a NST since they came out, along with a NSTG when they were released, both my parents and several family members have Nooks (most of them in the NST/G family of Nooks), none of us have had that issue.


          The suggestions can be a bit steamy, but I've found adding people to your Nook Friends replaces those suggestions.

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            Thanks to all for posting replies. I have password protected my nook and set up a password so that it has to be entered even to download a sample. Some of the titles on the samples mentioned in my original post had very explicit titles such as, 'f***fest'. I'll see how things go but I think B&N really do need to address their search issues especially as more children are being given e-readers. They even promote children using their e-reader as you can see from their twitter account pic of a young girl reading a nook.
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              I've had Nooks for over two years.  I've never had a sample of any kind downloaded to my Nooks unless I chose to do it.  I've had kinda steamy (as in bodice-ripper romances) "suggested" (for who knows what reason, since I've never read one.)  But true porn?  Just hasn't happened.

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                I did have a cook book sample sent to my Nook once without me doing anything. However, porn - not just erotica, but straight-up porn - is becoming an increasing search issue to be sure. I've mention previously that browsing the "Comics & Graphic Novels" tab brings up all kinds of undesirable images. Even specifically searching for "Superman" was not safe. I enter a message regarding it to the Nook Customer Service email, to which they sent a response thanking me for my question regarding the use of gift cards on my account.