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    Any more B&N classic being converted to eBook?

      There are only four Barnes and Noble Classic that are not in eBook Paradise Lost by John Milton The House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Paradiso by Dante Alighieri War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy When it was free classics friday you guys were coming out with one or two new conversion a week. There has been nothing since. (Yes I know I can get them all on one volume for $6, but the experts commentary is very helpful in setting proper cultural references. My kids totally didn't get the Scarlet Letter. "What's the big deal, haven't they ever seen Juno?") p.s. Technically there is a fifth; The Moon and Sixpence. But that was published in 1994 and hasn't been re-released.
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          I just clicked "tell the publisher you want this in NOOKbook format" for each of those four B&N classics!  Maybe there is some sort of issue on the ebook publishing rights for the portions that are not in the public domain (the intros and other extra content) for those particular books.  I don't know, but I'd definitely like Paridiso (since we have Inferno and Purgatorio) and War and Peace.


          The Moon and Sixpence is now part of the B&N Library of Essential Reading, and is available in ebook.