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    HATE the new IPhone/iPod App

      I recently updated some apps in my iPod Touch 4G, one of which was the Nook app. I really, really wish I hadn't done that. The app has completely become unusable for me. 


      I primarily read at night in bed and the "night mode" was invaluable to me. It was easy on my eyes, it didn't disturb my spouse with the brightness in bed, it was easy on the battery life, and it didn't change the alignment of the text every time I moved the device in anyway. It would stay in a "portrait" view the entire time, so I could read and change position or move my hands and it would stay locked in a readable position.


      Now, all of that is gone. Sure, I can turn down the brightness, but that's not the same. Already I've noticed my battery life doesn't last as long as it used to while reading in bed. If I wanted a bright screen to read on and a screen that isn't as user friendly to read while laying down, I would have brought my Nook to bed with a clip-on booklight. 


      Is there any way to roll-back to an earlier version of this app? I'm not even sure what needed fixed as the app worked perfectly as it was. Argh!

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          Are you sure you have the latest version of the app?  I have the new Nook app in my iPod touch and it has night mode and rotation lock. They work just fine. I love the new app because I can now read my magazines on my iPod touch as well as my Nook Tablet.

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            Why you hate the latest iPnone/iPad app? i love them to die! especially IPhone Barcode and iPad Barcode Generator

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              I used the archive setting to help separate books I am reading or want to read next, without going through my entire library. Now I cannot read the books in archive mode. They will not open. Please let us know how/if we can revert to the older version. I have an IPhone 4, not IPhone 4s, the update included the announcement that this would be the last update for the IPhone 4. Hate! Hate! Hate! the new version. Updates should tell us what they are taking away as well as what they think they are improving. You are right about the night mode; it is hard on the eyes. I have 1st edition Nook and love it because reading outside while watching the grandchildren is great. At night, I like my iphone because I find book lights awkward.