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    What happened to the Customer Service at B & N

      Standby for Major Venting!!!!


      I called the B&N customer service number today just to ask about where the link was to these forums went, it used to be much easier to find.  I also asked about what the title was to today's Free Friday Book was, and you  think I had asked them a question about Rocket Science or Brain Surgery!  They didn't have a clue.  It seems they have gone the way of other larger coroprate entitys and have outsourced Customer Service to an off-shore phone bank with people getting paid very little and who have very little knowledge about their products.  I made three calls and each time they did not have any clue.  I found the number for Retail Customer - Customer Support and got significantly better service.  I ended up finding the answere to my questions on my own, while I was on long periods of "Hold" (with bad music).


      I TRUELY love my Nook, but I am very sad that they company that provided it to me has lost sight of their customers with such bad customer service.

      OK, I am done venting now.

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          Yep B&N CS support online or on phone pretty much blows. But that isn't unique to B&N.


          Just insert B&N with thousands of other companies and get the same customer dissatisfaction and device support. As Amazon has got it right with the level of customer satsifaction. That many other companies forego that expense.


          This is a standard play on part of Business Greed. Sorry if this irks Business types that spout the Businesses are in business to make money. And I have no problems with them making profit.


          But the sake of Profit at the expense of quality support for the device and the customer isn't profit but Greed pure and simple.


          Tho I do give High marks for their store walk-in service with friendly and knowledgable salespersons.