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    God's War by Kameron Hurley nookbook error.

      I have a question for anyone who has downloaded God's War when it was a Free Friday selection. I finally got around to starting it, and though I found a few minor errors in the formatting (sentences running off the screen) it wasn't a huge deal until today, I'm roughly halfway through the novel, and right in the middle of a page the story jumps from where it was to an entirely unrelated section of prose while still showing the same page number. Page 149 I think.

      Is this across the board, or on some outside chance only a problem with my download?


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          I had a number of weird paragraphs, especially in the middle and towards the end of the book, where it looked like the text ran right off the page for the rest of the sentence, then the next sentence started on the next line down.  It threw me off quite a bit in some places where the missing text messed with my understanding of what was happening in the story.  In other places I could infer from surrounding context what I had missed.  I think I saw this at least a dozen times or more, sometimes more than once on one page.  So...it isn't JUST you!

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            I just scrolled thru it in Nook for PC and could easily see what you are talking about.   Now that I'm forwarned, at least it won't make me think something is wrong with my Nook.  Thanks for the heads up.

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              Same here.  My copy has a sentence running off the page at least every chapter or so.  I have seen this same sort of thing in only one other book, but not to this extent.  It would be nice to have a clean copy, but the book was free so I give it some slack. 


              I find it irritating though finding errors in full price ebooks.  They really should clean them up for the money we spend.