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    Feature request: Disable touch screen.

      I'd like to use my NSTGL while lounging in my pool, either on the steps or on my raft recliner.  Both places allow me to read while keeping the nook mostly dry, but my hands get wet and I risk the occasional splash (not fatal) or drop into the pool (fatal).


      The NSTGL fits perfectly into a quart sized Zip-Lock bag, and such protection would be perfect for the uses I desire, and I suspect would be great for others at the beach, while camping, etc., but the touch screen inhibits the functionality while inside the bag, as it sometimes doesn't transmit my touches and sometimes transmits spurrious touches.  When I start the unit up inside the bag, either on initial start up or after it falls asleep, I can't reliably swipe the unlock screen, forcing me to unzip the bag and use my wet hands to touch the screen, making the inside of the bag wet and prone to steaming up.  Then, when I'm reading, the bag will contact the screen and turn the page.  


      My soulution to solve both issues would be to allow a setting to disable the touch screen once one has opened a book:


      1.  When the nook button is depressed for two seconds, a window would pop up with the options

      a) GlowLight On

      b) Touch Screen Off

      c) GlowLight On AND Touch Screen Off


      A second two-second depression would offer to revert to normal operation.


      Page turns while inside the bag would be accomplished by the hard buttons on the face of the unit.


      What do you think?