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    HD battery life problem

      IhaveaHDIupgradedfromancolorWhenIfirststartedusingitIgotupto6hoursofusebeforeitneededrechargingSomewhereinthelastupdates (2.05or2.06) Iamnowdownto2hoursmax.    ItakesforevertochargeandthenseemstorundownveryquicklyIamonlyreadingebooksItalsoisveryunstableandwillshutdownsometimewhenIjusttiltit90whenitgetsbelow60% charge.    AnyoneelsehavingthisbatteryproblemwiththeirHDAtthispointIamreadytopitchthethingintheriver.



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          No, that's not normal.  I can still get about 7 hours of heavy internet usage (12% per hour) before I feel compelled to recharge.  Have you tried:


          1) Soft reset? (Hold the power button, and just keep on holding it when the popup message appears until the device turns off.) 

          2) Have you tried locking the screen orientation? 

          3) You haven't set up anything that might be trying to phone home? Like email?


          Not sure what your definition of "forever" is but yes, the HD+ does take longer to fully charge than the NC.  It probably takes about 4-5 hours to recharge if I've gone down to 15%. 



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            It's not normal, as Nook Gardener pointed out.


            I've seen other users complain about battery life issues after V2.0.6. My Nook HD+ has gone from insanely good battery life to merely decent.


            Not sure what was added in the udpate that would affect battery life. Perhaps just a bug that affects some people.


            I have, however, seen 2 separate threads (apart from this one) and perhaps 4-5 affected people at least. So it's not a rare issue.




            The instability thing is rare. But, again, I've seen at least one user mention random reboots after V2.0.6.


            It must be something that's running in the background using WiFi and causing instability. Get the App Killer app from the store and see what apps are running.

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              Just so you know you're not alone, my battery life has also been terrible since the 2.06 update :smileysad:

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                I noticed the problem with my Nook's battery life today too

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                  I have been noticing battery issue also. I read a book on the Overdrive app for about an hour and a half or so last night and the battery was at 86% from 100%, I'm assuming games drain it faster, it seems that way to me at least.

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                    battery---- wrote:

                    IhaveaHDIupgradedfromancolorWhenIfirststartedusingitIgotupto6hoursofusebeforeitneededrechargingSomewhereinthelastupdates (2.05or2.06) Iamnowdownto2hoursmax.    ItakesforevertochargeandthenseemstorundownveryquicklyI am only reading ebooks.  ItalsoisveryunstableandwillshutdownsometimewhenIjusttiltit90whenitgetsbelow60% charge.    AnyoneelsehavingthisbatteryproblemwiththeirHDAt this point I am ready to pitch the thing in the river. (call 1 800 the book and use your warranty)



                    No apps or anything else on the device at all except for ebooks?


                    Check your storage (settings) for apps. Reset your device to factory defaults and do not install anything back except for a book, and see. Next, instead of pitching it in the river, exchange it, you've got a warranty.

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                      Yes, I have the same ISSUE. It's to the point where I can't use it without it being plugged in.  It constantly shuts down in the middle of anything. I charge it fully and when I take it off, it shuts on/off until I plug it back in.  It's driving me nuts

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                        I bought my Nook in June 2013 and am already having battery issues.  This started a week ago. The Nook needs to be charged every night.  Should I take it back to the store I bought from (Target) or?

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                          What I am reading here seems similar, but not exactly the same problem I have. I have a Nook Color HD+. It was a year old the end of December 2013. I started having serious problems early Jan.2014. Of course, the warranty is out!


                          My Nook will quit working and display the "critical battery" warning. I cannot continue reading. It just has a black screen with the battery warning display. Sometimes it will completely shut down before I can plug it in.


                          But, the strange thing is, if I check the battery level after I plug it in (right after getting the critical battery message) I can have anywhere from 45 to 65% battery charge!


                          Just in the last few days it has been shutting down without any warning. I can turn it back on and it will work OK but I never know when it will shut down again, or have a battery issue.


                          I have contacted BN several times. Of course, on my first contact, just 2 weeks out of warranty they refused to offer any help beyond telling me to re-register the Nook. I did but it made no difference. The techs act like they are not aware of any general problem! The last tech I talked to AFTER explaining the problem clearly (I thought) he told me I should let the Nook battery run comletely down. Now DUH!, how can I run it down. It shuts off at 45-65% battery life. You have no choice but to recharge. And sometimes, with about 60%, it can be on charge for hours and never show a green "completed" light.


                          I am so frustrated, Has anyone had any luck with replacing the battery? Does that solve the problem? It really seems to be more of a program problem. But I'm not a tech. Any help, even from BN, would be greatly appreciated.

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                            I have been having the same exact issue!!
                            THANK GOODNESS it isn't just me!

                            I bought my Nook HD in January of '13 (so the warranty ran out three and a half months ago), and had no problems with it up until three or four weeks past. My problems are the same as most of yours (critical battery warning pops up says it is at 1% - I plug it back in, and it registers at 45%!)

                            Now, my Nook HD has decided to take it even FURTHER, and many times will die at 85% - I have caught on that if the Wi-Fi is on, then it will die at 97%! That is just ridiculus - I can barely download free friday books with that kind of battery life!

                            I have let it completely die, then recharged it; multiple soft resets; one factory reset; I just erased and de-registered, and re-registered it tonight, and still the same problem.

                            I LOVE my Nook HD (third Nook I've had the pleasure of owning), and I suggest getting a Nook to anyone who will listen to me. I hope Barnes and Noble come up with a solution quickly, or else I feel like I am being forced to go with a Kindle, or a Tablet.

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                              I have worst problem where my Nook  does not charge any more it is just one year old and I paid $ 257  for it fron Barns and Noble ? What is a bad product . Even when it was working it took me for ever to load a page ......

                              I very unhappy . What should I do???

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                                Why is B&N ignoring this problem? I have been a Nook devotee since the device hit the market. I have 3 different Nooks - the Simple Touch, the Nook Color and the Nook HD+. I've told everyone to buy Nook over other devices. Now I have an issue with is the Nook HD+ and no one is helping since I'm out of warranty. Still I bought the HD+ only 1.5 years ago for $259 and expect some help. I'm experiencing similar battery reading issues as others. It says it's at 60% and then suddently drops to "Critical." If I let it go it will shut down. If I get to plug it in in time, it will jump back to 60% even if I unplug it right away. Sometimes it will even jump up to 70% without being plugged in. I don't think it's a battery issue since the reading sometimes goes up instead of down. The reading goes all over the place and I can't trust it. B&N says the battery cannot be replaced and they can't replace the device since it's out of warranty, nor can I trade it in. We've deregistered it twice and also did a hard reset twice, but the problem persists. B&N says they're not aware of a problem, but I can see from this board that others are experiencing the same thing.


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                                  I'm having that exact problem.  I just saw a video on YouTube showing how to buy and replace the battery. Supposedly, a better quality one than orginally installed in the NOOK HD+.  http://www.newlife2oldstuff.com/   Looks very simple!  I'm going to try it out.  I'll let everyone know how it works out.

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                                    My Nook HD+ was suffering from the same problem.


                                    I think I may have cured the problem by opening the Nook HD+ by following a video on YouTube and reseating two connectors.


                                    The first connector was a header for a narrow flexible circuit cable that sprung loose from the connector when I split the screen part of the Nook HD+ from the back panel to which the battery is attached. The connector is the type that should lock the flexible circuit in place to prevent the flexible circuit from moving or coming away. So this was certainly an assembly issue which could explain the unpredictable nature of the low battery warning appearing. Temperature changes could easily cause "dry joint" type behaviour with a flexible circuit merely resting on the connector and not locked securely in place.


                                    The other connector I reset was the battery connector itself. I left the Nook HD+ disconnected from the battery for a few minutes to ensure there was no residual charge left before plugging it in again.


                                    The net of all this is my Nook HD+ is now working as expected and I have been able to use it for a few days now without seeing the critical battery level warning.

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