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    Wizard Heights!



      Hi Folks, I just wanted to tell you about my new book.


      Wizard Heights Book 1 


      Just 99 cents for a limited time!


      When the Goodfellow family moves to a new neighborhood, the last thing that eleven year old, Charlie Goodfellow is looking for is adventure. But one day when he is exploring a secluded, hilltop retirement community called Wizard Heights, he finds it.


      Up there, old folks glide about in flying recliners, and sip tea to the dulcet tones of string quartets on moonlit nights.


      But there are more sinister forces at work, too. A strange, pale boy called Whitstable befriends Charlie and tells him about a sinister plot involving his cryogenically frozen wizard grandfather, and the mysterious, Egyptian Idol of Thebes. Charlie is plunged headlong into an adventure that will take him deep beneath the cobwebby catacombs of the retirement community, and into the palaces of the eclectic luminaries of Wizard Heights.


      The story gallops along at an unstoppable pace, taking many fascinating twists and turns along the way. Wonderful characters are to be found here—action, adventure, magic, and mystery too.


      Download and read the first installment of this new, magical adventure series, today!


      For ages 11 and up.