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    I Returned my Nook HD+ Last Night

      I returned my Nook HD+ last night. The screen defect and buggy software were just too much. B&N usually creates great products. My Nook Color is still going strong after 2 years. I never had one problem with it. I don't think the Nook HD+ was ready for public consumption. Maybe B&N rushed to get it out without proper testing. The horrible software, the physical defects like the dark shadows along the screen edge, and the bezel separating from the body, not to mention that Nook Video is a joke with a paltry selection from which to choose. I think this whole thing needed more time. I didn't even bother to ask if I could exchange it for another. I imagine that I would only find further disappointment. I am going to check out the Kindle HD 8.9. I think it is due out soon.

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          From what I have heard, I think you will be disappointed with the Kindle "tablets".  With Christmas approaching, there are good prices out there on a number of "generic" tablets, and the latter are much more flexible than a proprietary tablet.

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            I have the Kindle Fire HD and LOVE it!  Major considerations for me were the picture and sound.  For Picture . . it and nook are exactly the same, I didn't notice one being better than the other.  As for sound . . . Kindle has Nook beat by a mile hands down with TWO speakers, one on left and one on right, not two at bottom, winding up on left or right side when unit is turned.  This DOES make a difference in the way you hear the sound coming out.  Plus . . . the volume on kindle is twice that of Nook . . . you don't need headphones when watching a movie unless you just want to use them.  With Nook HD . .  headphones are a must unless you have excellent hearing and are in a room with NO noise at all.  I was big time dissapointed with sound on the Nook HD.


            I prefer the software set up on Nook but that wasnt so important to me and Kindle has made major improvements in this area this time around.


            I've been a customer of BN/with very first Nook for a long time and am all for supporting BN but this time, for the first time, I'm not all that excited about the upgrade to Nook HD.


            If you get the prime membership at Amazon for kindle, you get free books and movies wich was a big plus, esp if on a budget.  I read about 5 books a month and watch a lot of movies.  I'm so impressed with my Kindle that I won't be replacing my IPAD when it buggars out on me.


            Oh and I've heard the ipad mini is a joke?  Just FYI.


            Hope that helps.

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                Thanks Than56,


                I ordered and received my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 last week and couldn't be happier! It works perfectly, the software is so intuitive, there are no missing apps, there are no screen defects. It is just perfect in every way. It is vastly superior to the Nook HD+. The OS and user interface is intuitive, mature and well-polished. There is nothing buggy and about the software.The screen is to die for! The devices are not even in the same class. I can even side load apps on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 without rooting! The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is an example of how this type of product should be done. B&N rushed their device to market; and it shows. It's as if the Nook HD+ is some kind of amateurish attempt. I would highly recommend anyone who is not satisfied with their B&N device to return it and just get a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (or the 7" version). You will have no worries. Even if you do end up with a problem, Amazon's customer service is top notch, unlike B&N. You will not be speaking to anyone in India that really has no clue about your issue. Amazon's app selection, movie, music, etc is leagues ahead of B&N. I was once a loyal B&N guy but now that I have tasted the perfection of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, I will never go back.