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    Memory after archiving

      I'm sure this has probably been covered on this board, so I apologize in advance if I am beating a dead horse.


      I keep seeing that putting eBooks into archive will take them off the NOOK and will free up available memory, but I have just archived 114 books and there is NO change in the memory available.  Any info. on this subject would be appreciated.


      As a side note; I have 167 books using 30% of the memory on my NOOK, (no pictures or audio downloaded--eBooks only), so it is hard to see that I could possibly get anywhere near the 1200-1500 advertised.  I realize some books are larger than others, but at this rate I'll be full at about 500 books.  While I don't see running out of memory as a problem, even at the lower rate I seem to be getting, it is just that it is such a huge difference over what B&N advertises/claims.



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          I currently have 4.38 gb free and 187 books. I only have books and abot 50 wallpapers on my main memory. Videos and music go on SD. As for the archive question, that's something I've been wondering myself. Edit: That's 12% by the way of main memory used. At that rate I can see fitting 1500-1800 books on here.
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            Ok, I don't know if this is related, but I did have a memory issue.


            I had side loaded some videos (movies) on my NC.  These must have gone onto the internal memory, not my SD card (I didn't know how to allocate where the movies went, when I did this originally-now I do) Anyway, I wanted to remove the movies to make more room & actually put new movies onto my SD card (which was the plan the entire time).


            After removing the movies, I noticed no extra room.  The way I deleted the movies, was that I hooked my NC to my Mac, I clicked on the movie file within my NC "video" folder & I drug that file to the trash on my Mac.  Great, so far so good, the movie file is gone from the "video" folder on my NC, however, that did not create any extra internal memory.


            What I was told by the great people here on the Nook Board, is that I will have to actually empty my trash file on my Mac, while the NC is still connected to the Mac via USB.  I did that, and via la! It worked, I then got all my internal memory back.  Since then, I've also experimented with the SD card, and that works the same way.  So if you are removing things from the NC via USB cord to Mac/PC, make sure you empty your "trash" or "recycle" (what ever the PC uses as trash).


            Hope this helps.