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    Online chat?

      OK, my Nook tablet is not powering up.  I went to the website, logged in and clicked the "Live Chat" button.  Below is the transcript:


      You are now connected with Victor from BN.com

      Steven: My nook isnt powering on. I have had it on the charger all day and it says it is charged (light is green not orange). When I plug the USB cable into my computer it says it is not recognized. Serial number is ****************

      Victor: Hi Steven,Thank you for joining Barnes and Noble Digital Chat Support. My name is Victor.

      Steven: Hi

      Victor: I understand that the NOOK device isn't charging up.

      Steven: It appears to be charging, it is not turning on

      Victor: Thank you for the information.

      Victor: Please connect the device to a power outlet. Press and hold the power button and the n button for 20 seconds to soft reset the device. Please ignore the power off prompt.

      Steven: OK, nothing happened, screen is still black, there was no power off prompt

      Victor: May I know whether the LED lights on the charger are glowing when the device is connected to power outlet or computer?

      Steven: Yes, it is glowing green

      Victor: Could you please tell me whether a BN store is located near to your place?

      Steven: about 80 miles away

      Victor: Okay.


      Please follow the steps below to Hard Reset your NOOK Color. Please note that a Hard Reset deregisters your device as well as erases all local content such as contacts, sideloaded documents, personal information, 4 digit passcodes, etc.  It is recommended that you backup any sideloaded material before continuing.  All Barnes & Noble content will be downloadable upon re-registering

      To Hard Reset NOOK Color:
      1.      Hold the power button down until NOOK Color is powered off, ignoring the "Power off" prompt.

      2.      After Your NOOK Color is powered off hold the "NOOK Home Key" down then simultaneously hold down the "Power" button, release the buttons immediately after the “Read Forever” logo disappears.

      3.      If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to perform a “Factory Reset,” Tap the "NOOK Home key" to confirm. Tap the "Home key" again to begin the process.

      4.      After a few minutes your device will reset and re-install all necessary software. Once completed, you will have to register the device again.

      The chat session has ended.


      Seriously?  This was support?  I thought I was pretty clear in my original message that it would not turn on, but appeared to be charged.  After I attempted the "Soft Reset" and nothing happened (black screen as I told him), I am directed to do a hard reset?  Then to add insult, he logs off immediately, not waiting for me to tell him the hard reset did not do squat?


      I am not too by god thrilled with B&N Tech support at the moment, to say the least.

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          Yes, online support is awful. I do not recall any positive feedback for it on these forums. Many, not e every one has good feedback from phone support. The greatest amount of positive feedback has come from visits to local stores, but quality varies by store and who is on duty.
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              Store support is great. You should try store support.


              Also, were you looking for help or just to mention that online chat was terrible?



              If it's the former then it would help to let us know more details. What happened before the Nook stopped getting turned on. As many data points as you can provide.


              There are 4-5 different ways to restart the Nook.


              For Example: Press and Hold the physical n button (the one just below the screen) and the power button for 20 seconds.


              If you give us more data we can try and help.

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                  I did end up driving to the store yesterday, the young man there confirmed it was indeed dead as a doorknob and replaced it.  He also suggested not bothering with online chat support

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                      Great to know you got a hassle free replacement.


                      At another thread someone had posted a link to a blog post that talked about how much B&N needs to improve chat and online support. It's definitely needed.


                      Stores are very good.