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    Why are B&N ebooks so much more expensive?

      The ebook of Wolf Hall is $17 on B&N, and $9.99 on Amazon... Alice Munro's latest is almost $20 (!) on B&N, and, again, only $9.99 on Amazon. Why? Are we going to see better prices soon?


      Not to mention that Little Children is not even available on B&N, but on Amazon you can get the Kindle edition for $7.99. I wish I had known about this before I got the nook.

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          Why do we need 153 different threads on this topic?


          If you search you will see this posted many times, not to mention you have it in the wrong forum, try the eBook forum.



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            Lexi - ignore the haters.  They think they're deputy moderators or something.


            Since no one has addressed the substance of your question, let me take a shot.


            B&N prices are higher because they are out of their minds.  It's irrational.  Or, they don't care whether you buy eBooks from them or not.


            You can buy from Kobo, Sony, Books On Board, and lots of other eBook retailers that often have better prices.  It's easy to do once you get the hang of it!


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              I am just copy/pasting a post by Ravi's post


              You do know that publishers negotiate different deals with each and every different distributer. Amazon, B&N, Apple Bookstore, and the rest. This is why every company has differing prices.


              In the eBook market place there is no standard retail price for books to be sold at. You can go into ANY book store and look at a book and know the price. It is printed into the ISBN bar code. With ebooks there is no such thing. 


              In addition some companies will bite into their profits or take an out right loss on a book. They make it up in other ways of course. 


              I honestly can't see a day where you can ever expect to see the same price on an ebook regardless of where you shop. I don't know why the publishers insist on treating an ebook differently than actual books in terms of pricing but they do.


              Now, while some people my just rant on and on about the B&N prices, others just shop around. The benefit I saw in the nook was and is that i can read pdf, epub and pdb formats. it also has expandability in terms of memory. This allows us to do the very best thing a consumer can do to to fight high prices. ....to shop around. 


              I personally don't plan on paying more than 9.99 for a new book unless I really really want it. I don't plan on playing more than paperback price if there is a paperback out there. And so I'll let my money talk. Companies that want our business will make the best deals with publishers.


              What I don't and can't see is why people want to sit here on the forums an endlessly grip about it. Take action and just be a smart consumer. B&N gave us all a device that lets us do that and as such I'm thankful.