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    Download 1016 Error

      All of a sudden my Nook on my PC is not working well.  I have used it for over a year now and have had no problems but now for about the last week, I have had trouble opening any book on it because it tells me "We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time -- Please try again later.  (Download: 1016)."  HELP!!!!  PLEASE!!!!!

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          Do you mean the PC Nook software? Not the actual Nook ereader? If so, this could be why :smileysad: http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/11/barnes-noble-kills-mac-and-pc-dedicated-nook-apps-looks-like-part-of-larger-strategy-shift/
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              Given the dubious accuracy of the story about the "eMail + web browser" update for the Nook Touch by June 1 (which hasn't happened), I would be more than a little circumspect about their claims about B&N's plans.

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                That may be it, I don't know...it worked one day then just stopped...but what I do know is until it is fixed I'm buying no more books from B&N. With no new e-ink reader in sight and all these big sales on the tablets (which I missed out on, buying the HD shortly before the first sale) and the sudden addition of Google Play to the HD tablets I don't have a lot of faith anymore that B&N will be here very long. Very sad because Amazon needs the competition.
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                Edit: The instructions below are not so useful after all... Sorry to get your hopes up, it looks like you can only read the book on the PC as long as your Nook device is connected to the PC. After I unplugged it it was no longer available. Maybe someone else can figure out how to actually move the file.


                If you have a Nook device, grab the book on it then plug it into your PC. View the downloads on the Nook in a Windows Explorer window. The names are not helpful so sorting for the most recent file might be useful if you just bought the book. Open the Nook for PC application then drag the book file from the Nook device (in the Windows Explorer) onto the Nook App. This allowed me to transfer the book to the PC and read it there.


                That said, I'll be migrating to Kindle on my PC for future purchases if BN won't support the Nook app for PC.


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                  I also had this problem until just a few minutes ago.


                  I didn't start having this problem until I changed my Credit Card information.  As soon as I changed the info for my card, blam... No dice with the Nook PC program downloading books.


                  How I solved it.


                  1) log out of Nook PC.

                    a. On Nook PC go to the lower left corner, and select "Settings"

                    b. Then select "Account Settings"

                    c. Click the button that says "Sign Out"


                  2) Log back into Nook PC.

                    a. Put in your Email Address Correctly.

                    b. Enter your Password Correctly.

                    c. Click the "Sign In" Button


                  3) Check to see if you can download books now.


                  Those are the steps I followed, and it solved my problem.  I was able to download the 180+ books that were previously unavailable to download because of the download:1016 error.


                  Hope this solves your problem as well.


                  edit 1:

                  Correction... this did solve my initial problem... but I just bought 3 more books, and it seems like these 3 new books I cant download to my PC, though I have had no problems downloading them to my nook.  I certainly hope that the problem behind this can be found and solved.


                  edit 2:

                  I opened up "NOOK STUDY" another nook for pc program.  As soon as I opened that program and tried once again to download my things in the "NOOK for PC" program it worked with no errors.  Dont ask me why that is the case, but it worked.

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                    I had the same problem. I fixed it by uninstalling it on my PC, then I re-installed in back on....and it worked
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                        On Mac OS I had this problem and fixed it by reinstalling the Nook for Mac application:
                        1. Exit Nook for Mac if it is running
                        2. Download a new copy of Nook for Mac from the B&N website
                        3. Run the installer

                        After starting up the freshly downloaded copy, everything worked properly.
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                        Before doing something radical and time-consuming to "fix" this, consider that it's probably just an intermittent performance problem.  The error message says to try later.  That worked for me.  I "fixed" the problem after several failures tonight (on each book I tried) by simply waiting 15 minutes or so then stopping and starting the app.  No more errors.  So, reinstalling, booting, etc., probably "work" only because they kill some time. 

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                            I have this problem ALOT, enough to stop buying from B&N. I haven't found a consistent solution, so I doubt there is one. On rare, unpredictable occasions, downloading works. Almost all of the time, downloading fails with a 1016 error, even with different internet connections.

                            So I shop elsewhere. No sense paying for books I can't read.
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                                I'm still having the problem, and it's been happening for weeks. It's not on one PC either, it's on two different ones, one only a few weeks old. Reinstalling the software worked once, but I shouldn't have to reinstall the software every time I buy a book.Yes, I can get them on my readers (Nook HD and Glowlight) but the one on my computer is a backup. It's weird. And annoying.
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                              This sucks! It looks like B&N just doesn’t care about the app, it hasn’t had a good update in a while either. They should focus more on E-books and less on tablets since the competition is too daunting. Apple just blows them out of the water. However I liked buying E-books only from B&N because of reliability and the PC app (ibooks does not have that so I don’t read at work).

                              Fix this please B&N!!!!!!! Be loyal to your avid readers!



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                                So ya this problem was a pain... but all i did was close the program on my computer and then reopen it.... lol idk but it worked so.. jus tthought id let people know.. also i tried the logging off and back on that didnt work.. but who knows just try different stuff and it should work eventually.

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                                  Seems to be a simple "fix" for this problem if running WIndows 7...I kept getting this error, as well. After several attempts, I right clicked on the desktop icon and selected to "run as administrator" and it downloaded lightning fast. Hope this helps others...

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                                    This is the second time in the last few months this has happened, the last time lasted a couple three days.  It's convenient how the network that is used to actually sell you the downloadable eBook never has a problem, but after you pay for your purchase and receive an email that it is available for downloading, that network somehow is not so reliable.  It's becoming a serious aggravation..... So much so that Amazon and their Kindle device is looking more and more attractive everyday.

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                                      The "run as administrator" fix worked like a charm. However, BN gets a great big FAIL for both the problem and the lack of customer support. I should not need to search these forms to fix things like this. At the very least they should email me the solution and post it on the website. I use iBooks, amazon, and BN -- of teh three BN is my least favorite virtual store and the one the most porblems.

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                                        OK, so far the Nook Study app is able to do the trick. Again, epic FAIL BN!

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                                          for the past 3 days I have not been able to read anything on my Nook for PC. Books don't load up andI get the download error 1016 also The book Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian keeps asking me for credit card info but doesn't accept or load just keeps reloading the same credit card pop up everytime. Imagetting tired of ordering books and then not being able to load themor read them. My next post will probably be to my lawyers