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    November e-book sales almost match Mass-Market Paperback: AAP


      The monthly wholesale sales report from the Association of American Publishers came out today, with numbers for November 2010. E-book sales from the reporting publishers came to $46.6 million, while mass-market paperbacks came to $47.7 million.


      Hardcover and trade paperback sales totalled about $300 million, so it's not like e-books are completely taking over yet (about 11% of total trade sales). But the e-book market is now as big as the mass-market paperback market; it's not something that publishers will be able to brush off.


      In the past, November e-book sales have been about the same as October e-book sales. This year, they were up by almost 15%. What could have happened this November? Oh yeah, the NOOKcolor. By the way, back in July there was a 37% jump in e-book sales following the June 21 price reductions of both NOOK and Kindle. Interestingly, e-book sales remained flat following the late-July introduction of the Kindle 3.