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    EAN not ingested?

      I was checking for updates for my apps. When the available updates box displayed, the app Open Explorer showed an update available. When I tried to updated, I get the following error:


      Unable to Download

      Internal Error: EAN has not been ingested.


      I tried several times and get the same error. Please advise.



        • Re: EAN not ingested?

          It could be one of two things



          1) App Update is very recent and not properly/fully loaded on to the B&N servers yet.


          Solution: Try again in a few hours or tomorrow.


          2) App Update wasn't loaded properly and there is an error.


          Solution: None. Contact Open Explorer people.



          Note: DO NOT archive the app. Or you'll be stuck without it.


          Just ignore the update message. If App is working fine then no point trying to mess with it.