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    Preordered Nookbooks



      Has anyone preordered a nook book?  When the book is released, does it automatically download that day?


      Thank You!

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          Every Pre-ordered nookbook that I've ordered downloaded as soon as I 'updated' my BN library on the release date. (I didn't want anyone to think that they wouldn't need to 'update' it's an essential part of the process!)

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            Pre-ordered books become available for download at 12:01 AM, Eastern Time.  Living in the Central Time Zone, I get mine at 11:01 PM the day before. :smileyvery-happy:

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              Beaware that as of today (june 28th), Automatic Download of Pre-order books is broken (on then B&N server end).


              I was able to download preordered books (automatically when i selected them in my library) up to and including June 21st.  Today I tried to select books that were supposed to be available June 22nd and June 28th.  They didn't download.  I just got the page telling me that they were available on June 22nd or June 28th (the page with the overview description).


              I called Tech Support.  They wanted me to deregister and reregister my Nook.  I said No, because I would lose all the books that I had already downloaded.  During my 35 minutes on hold (and explaining the problem at least 3 times), I figured out myself that if I archived the book (this was the only option on the overview page), then pressed the Nook button, selected library, then selected Archived in the left hand drop down.  At this point, I could Unarchive the book, and then it down loads.  This is the work around for the problem.


              Good Luck

              Kim Rabbeni

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                  :smileyvery-happy:Thanks for the archiving tip....I had a problem today with a preordered book....Tech Support wanted me to deregister & re-register my NookColor.  Your solution saved me multiple hours of reloading content on my device.  THANKS! :smileyvery-happy:

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                      I pre-order books all the time for my nook. I had pre-ordered Kathy Reichs Flash and Bones months ago. I live n Ca so I got my book at 10 pmish the night before it's release date (via my time zone) and finished it before midnoght.


                      As far as the charging goes, I have always placed gift cards on my account and the moment I pre-order a book that amount was taken off of my card. I believe you get charged instantly for the book....does any one know the answer to this???