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    How to Apply a Screen Protector Bubble Free

      Hello everyone,


      I've noticed a couple of threads discussing screen protectors and the pros and cons related to them.  One of the biggest complaints I've heard generally speaking here and elsewhere during my tech career is that applying screen protectors without bubbles is difficult or impossible.  I've over the years worked out how to get them on bubble free on my own and have had lots of practice with my families various devices. 


      I just stumbled upon this CNET video that pretty much does what I already do so I thought I'd share it in the hopes that someone will find it useful.




      Maybe someone will find this post helpful. :smileyhappy:



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          Great video, great tips. The only thing i would add to this is something I add to the same steps:


          Peel the backing film only halfway peel back more as you smooth down the protector.  This helps on the larger tablet protectors so you can grip both sides using the backing film that is still in place instead of just holding onto the sides which are wider than on phone protector films.