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    connected no internet

      I am having trouble connecting to my home network.


      wpa/wpa2 psk


      It will connect to the router, but then it goes on to say "no internet".


      I have no trouble with any other device connected to the wifi. (wii, 2 laptops, printer)



      when my husband is home and I use the mobile hotspot on his palm pre (web OS network)

      I have NO trouble at all.

      that is also a

      wpa/wpa2 psk


      How can I get connected to my home network?


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          try changing the netgear wireless settings on the router to <mode> 'up to 54 mbps'.






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            I went in to check the router (Netgear) settings yet AGAIN and changed it from tkip to aes and my NOOK color is FLYING all over the web.  It connected first time and stayed!!!!


            Thank you everybody and for bumping up the "working router" thread!




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              Good info riffraff  (insert 2 smileys tappin beers)


              More support that B&N is aware and workin to make it better is the thread from Michael V(mod) about the 1.0.1 update. His post reads


              "Barnes & Noble is providing a minor update to NOOKcolor firmware that will improve NOOKcolor's Wi-Fi connectivity and browser experience (such as being able to easily toggle between desktop and mobile mode)."


              Its frustrating but hang in there. I have faith that you will get it working as I did.The pain/anger will fade quickly from that point.  :smileyhappy:   

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                  Got my NC in December. Had iffy wifi connectivity at home (sometimes connected, sometimes not). For the past two weeks, cannot connect to wifi at home. I have D-Link 524 router and Motorola Surfboard. Security is set with WEP.


                  When I try to connect, I get "obtaining IP address..." then I get "Unsuccessful." All laptops, etc. connect to the wifi.


                  I've tried to forget all passwords, turn off wifi, hard reboot, turn on wifi and reset passwords. No connection.


                  I have tried a hard reset of the router and surfboard. No connection.


                  I'm ready to cry or pull my hair out or both. Any ideas on how to correct this problem?

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                  Ok, seriously? I'm not really concerned with who's fault it is that the wifi isnt working i just want it fixed!! I paid way too much money for this thing for it to not fully work. Granted i can read books which is what i bought it for but had i known that there was this many problems with the wifi then i would have gotten a different brand or cheaper version. I am soooo mad right now that it doesnt work. WTC!!!!

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                    Change router settings and Nook Color will stay connected.  I have multiple wireless devices in my house using a Cisco Linksys Router.  My Nook Color detected it but would not stay connected OR I kept losing internet connection on my router (only on the Nook Color).  Tried changing several settings on my router to no avail.  Even reset my router to factory settings.  No go.  Then, finally changed router from mixed mode to Wireless G only.  FIXED!  Now my Nook Color stays connected and does not lose the internet connection.  Router specs: WRT160NL, Wireless-G only, 20MHz channel width, WPA2 Personal security, AES encryption only, MAC filter disabled, AP isolation disabled.  Since the other wireless devices in my house are not all wireless N enabled, the wireless G setting is the lowest common denominator between devices.  By the way, I also connected to unsecured routers in my neighborhood to further test this, and mixed mode routers failed, but those set to one mode only kept the connection.  My assumption is the wireless connectivity software in the Nook Color could use an upgrade.  But it does work.