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    Two Free eBooks and more from Neil Crabtree

      I have three eBooks available here at Barnes&Noble.

      Believable Lies  received this comment: "The stories in Neil Crabtree’s debut story collection Believable Lies are bold, risky, and wildly entertaining. You’ll laugh so hard you won’t realize you’re crying. No one should be this good, or this funny, the first time out. Neil’s genius is his ability to uncover the sadness that underlies the comic and the grandeur just below the surface." --John Dufresne, author of Requiem, Mass.  and is $2.99.


      Another shorter collection of weird stories The Dead Mayberrys and Other Stories  is FREE to download.


      I also offer a preview of my comic thriller The Big Kaboom  FREE as a download.


      I work hard at my writing and hope to hear from Book Club members at My Profile. I'll be happy to answer questions and I'll be recommending eBook authors I review at my blog,  as well. Enjoy a read and say hello when you get a chance.

      ----Neil Crabtree