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    Word Search & Hangman - Word Games App ($1)

      Word Search & Hangman, our new Word Games App, is available for Nook now.


      It's on sale for $1. It includes Word Search and Hangman. Both are lovingly made for the Nook. You can see from the app (product page has screenshots) that a lot of effort and care was put into the app.



      Word Search


      50 Categories. Win 3 Stars for each Category.


      Choice of Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulties.


      Want even more of a challenge? Play First Letters Mode where only the first letters of the words are visible.


      There are 12 Trophies to be won.


      Progress through the 5 Levels of Word Search Mastery - Can you become a Word Expert?



      Hangman with a Twist


      Don't just save a hangman. Save 10 different characters. Tiny the Elephant, Lorelei the Mermaid, and 8 others.


      Two difficulty levels - Easy and Hard.


      Choose whether you want 7 tries or 9 tries. There's also a Hint.


      10 characters to save. 10 trophies to collect.


      50 different categories. 3 stars to collect for each.


      Each of the 10 different characters has its own Hangman sequence. It's more fun than any other hangman you can find anywhere else.



      Whether you like Word Search or Hangman or both - you'll have a lot of fun.


      Word Search & Hangman is just $1 at launch - Please do give it a try.