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    Please Help: Does B&N place you visibly in the Nook Shop or not?


      I recently published my childrens picture book 'Home Sweet Home' (link below) via Nook Press. Its my first time e-publishing ever. The book was created and showed up with its own sales page within 24 hours. But I do not show any placing of my book anywhere in the storefront on the Nook (or on the website). Nor does it show up on any keyword search.


      Home Sweet Home




      What i wanted to know was this...

      DOes Barnes and Noble simply 'pubish' your book by giving you a single page online and some way to sell your book. Or do they also place your book in their Nook store online in particlar categories so that customers browsing these categories gets the chance to see the book and buy it.

      This is critical to me because if my book can be placed in a category (im hoping mine would show up Kids > Age group 0-2. There are only 199 books in this category on the Nook store) then it would mean some exposure and potential sales.

      But if all Barnes and Noble does by 'publishing' your book is to make it available online as a single sales page and is unwilling to place my book in the Nook store categories for exposure, I will have a great problem generating interest, exposure and sales.


      Does anyone know if they place your book in categories, and if so, how long do they take? I published my book on Monday 20th. Ive been waiting on pins and needles not knowing if my book will show up in the Ages 0-2 category or not.


      Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.