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    A new copy is not available at this time

      The Daily mentioned an author, Kate Atkinson, who is new to me so I decided to see what she has written.  On the nook there is a greyed out entry for a 'free' item called One Good Turn.  If I try to select it I get a message that the item is no longer available.  That makes me wonder.  If it's no longer available then why does it show up at all?

      If I go to the web site and search for the author under ebooks there is a listing for the book with the note that "A new copy is not available at this time."  The entry does, however, have an option to download a free sample. 

      This strikes me as odd.  If the item is not available then why does it show up when I search on the nook as well as when I search on the web site? I can understand why that happens with physical items like dead tree editions because availability issues depend on supplier shipments and such but for ebooks it does not make sense to me.

      Why is there a "free sample" for an item that is not available?


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          I don't know why B&N isn't carrying it at the moment, but a check on inkmesh.com shows that it's still available at Sony, Kobo and a few other sources compatible with the nook.  


          I would also point out that Atkinson's 3 books (Case Histories, One Good Turn, When Will There Be Good News?) are actually a series, and should be read in order, so maybe by the time you're ready to read book 2, it'll be available again.


          I read the first two books in the series in hardcover.  The third was as an ebook (borrowed from the library).  They were all fantastic.  

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            If you do a search for the ebook now, it doesn't show up.  My best guess is that the ebook was available previously.  They removed it to make a change or correction or who-knows.  And the website wasn't updated for a bit.  Hopefully, they'll get it back up soon.