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    The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

      This thread is where you post any issues with NOOKbooks including:


      • meta-data -   This includes issues with the title, author name, International Standard Book Number (ISBN), NOOKbook cover.
      • Formatting - Actual content of the NOOKbook having errors such as spelling errors, missing words or sections.

      When you post on this thread please include the following:

      • NOOKbook Title
      • ISBN
      • Where it applies, the specific page(s) where the issue(s) is found.

      Please remember the following:

      Formatting corrections can take some time because we do have to go back to the publisher to make these requests so there usually is no ETA.


      Not all NOOKbooks contain covers being that publishers do not have the rights for the cover in NOOKbook format.


      When a correction is made to access the corrected version please Archive then Unarchive or Remove Local Copy of that NOOKbook on your NOOK or NOOK App.


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