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      Is there a work around so that I can get my pdb books on nookcolor?

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          I have put in a request with Nook_Engineer, Jeffrey.  You are also free to express this directly to him if you choose.  I know he knows I want this very badly.  Posting here is good, but I also do think it is necessary to let them know directly.  For the record, he says that as we know currently there is no support for PDBs.  He further stated he has passed on my request regarding Fictionwise and ereader.com to the appropriate parties at BN.  He also said that such things are not quickly resolved.  I am sure he told me as much as he knows. 


          I will attempt to keep people updated here, but do think it might help for others to express their concerns as to this.  Many people have a lot more Fictionwise books than I do, but there should be some support for either the companies that BN owns or the format itself.

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              Thanks for starting this thread.  I have purchased over 150 ereader.com (Fictionwise) ebooks over the last 10 years.  They were originally encrypted PALM device ebooks with software downloads available for the various (and few) devices other than Palm devices that could be used to read their ebooks.  The ereader software was downloaded from their site right onto the device to be used (Palm, Dell, Sony, PCs, MACs, etc).  Once the ereader was installed any fictionwise ebook purchased (all are PDB format with DRM encryption) could be decrypted using your registered name and credit card number used for the original purchase.


              All that being said, now that Barnes and Noble has purchased Fictionwise, the tremendous choice of ebooks to purchase from Fictionwise has disappeared!  Barnes and Noble in control of these ebooks chooses to encrypt them differently for their various (new) ereader devices and thus control the library of ebooks they now "own."  I have had many communications with Barnes and Noble (who, by the way, offers excellent and rapid responses to requests for help) AND they consistently state the obvious, that their devices (especially the Nook Color) do NOT read DRM encrypted PDB ebooks. 


              Now that they offer an applicatoin store sponsoring software for various other activities besides JUST ebook reading I believe they should PAY the original writer of DRM-encrypted PDB software to license the program for use on their many devices so that ALL of their Fictionwise customers can access already-paid-for ebooks!  There is probably no legal obligation to do so but there is certainly a moral obligation to do so. 


              For my part, when I purchased a Nook Color a month ago and found out that NONE of my 150+ Fictionwise ebooks (now owned/licensed by Barnes and Noble) could be read on the Nook Color, I returned the Nook Color for refund when I discovered that B&N had no intention to allow Fictionwise DRM PDB ebooks to be read on their devices.  While I consider using my computer a somewhat unwieldy way to read ebooks I will continue to do so since the software that allows me to read any ebook (Fictionwise, Nook, Kindle, Sony, etc) I desire is available FOR my computer.  The same is true of any Android device running Android 1.6-2.2 (NOT 3.0).  This includes a few tablets and all smart phones. 


              Barnes and Noble is really missing the boat on this one in the area of competition.  If they licensed the use of the original Fictionwise software for use on all of their devices they would likely capture most of the customers who like to read ebooks and have done so for 10 years!  Their view is short-sighted and unfortunate.

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              Have you tried calibre? This does a good job of converting to pub and then side load
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                It's a shame that the books purchased from Fictionwise and Ereader can't be read on the NC, especially since both are now Barnes and Noble companies. I have a large number of books from both companies as well and everytime I get a different reader---Palm to NC--I have to have new versions of the books. Boo!