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    E-Book marketing that works (at least on me)


      A few months ago Paul Goat-Allen reviewed "Red-Headed Stepchild" by Jaye Wells.


      While the book looked interesting, I had so many other books to read and wasn't about to "waste" $7.99 on an unknown, to me,  author. So I decided to add the book to my wish list and forgot about it.


      On August 6th B&N featured this book as a special for $0.99. I remembered that I was intrigued by the review and downloaded this "bargain" book.


      I didn't start reading it until Friday August 10th as I had another book to finish. By Saturday night I had finished "Red-Headed Stepchild" and purchased the next book in the series at full price ($7.99). This morning I finished the second book and just purchased the third. I figure by Wednesday or Thursday I'll be buying the 4th.


      Publishers!!! Selling the first book in a series at a significant discount (or even giving it away for free) does work. I would not have started this series if the first book wasn't on sale for $0.99. Now I'll be buying the other 6 books (so far) in the series at full price.


      Other series I've started at the first book was cheap are:


      Billy Boyle World War II Mysteries - first book free, bought 5 more at full price, book seven coming out in September.


      Temeraire - first book free, bought the remaining 6 at full price.


      Jane True - first book free, bought 4 more at full price, another one coming out in May 2013.


      There are more, some that I had already started before getting the first book free, but if I had not already been hooked on them, this would have gotten me started.