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    Pre-Ordered ebook delivery

      My wife bought the new Janet Evonovitch book, Wicked something...I think the day before release.  When should it show up in our account?  We've been charged and if I try to rebuy it says already bought.  Is there a "force" download button somewhere I'm missing?




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          Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


          Pre-orders generally seem to become available between 12:01 and about 12:15 AM Eastern on release day.


          In your B&N Library, make sure that either your WiFi or 3G connection is active (i.e., that you're not in Airplane Mode) and hit "Check for New B&N Content" and you should see the book there.  Highlight the book and go to "Show Item Details and Options".  If the first item is "Read", then the book has already downloaded;  if it's "Download", hit that and it should download immediately.


          If after checking for new content you don't see the book, call Customer Service at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665), Option 2, Digital Support.


          Enjoy your Nook.

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            I had the same problem.  When I would click check for new content, the pre-order would still not show up.


            I had to go online into My Library and archive the book then redownload it.  When I went back to my Nook and checked for new content, the new book showed up in My Library.


            Good Luck!