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    Another software bug on the Nook HD+

      Has anyone else noticed this one? Whenever I read an eBook, if I decide to change the color theme from day to night, for example. Once I close the pop-up and go back to the book, the page automatically advances by one. So I have to turn back to the page that I was actually reading before I made the change in the color theme. So, if I was currently reading page 50 of the book, I make change in theme, when the pop up closes and I can view the book again, it will be on page 51! It happens no matter which color theme I switch to or from. It happens every time! This is very annoying. I was just wondering if this was another widespread software issue. It's looking increasingly likely that the Nook HD+ will be returned for a refund.

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          UPDATE: This only seems to be an issue on side-loaded e-books. B&N purchased books work normally. But still.....

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            How often do you change the theme?


            With all due respect it doesn't seem like a HUGE bug.


            If you change the theme once a day or so, then pressing Back button once isn't too bad - just my opinion.

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                I find myself changing the theme more than I normally would because of the screen issue that I posted about. That grayish shadowing on the right side edge of the screen is quite bothersome to me when I am reading. I change the theme hoping in vain that the shadowing will miraculously disappear. It never does, of course. The shadowing shows up no matter which theme I use, even in the dark-colored themes. So I end up changing it 3-4 times a reading session. I will probably return the HD+ in a couple of days. I would have completed an exchange but the stores close to me are all sold out with no word on new stock.
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                This isn't really a new bug (all Nooks do this, I believe), and I'm pretty sure it isn't restricted to sideloaded books. Changing items that cause a re-render (for me, it's usually font size or face) will cause the page to change simply depending on conditions.


                It's almost as if it picks the current page number, say 50, and goes to that page after it completes drawing. If logical page 50 happened to start in the middle of the previous visible page, it will go back one page. (I'm pretty sure it has always gone back for me, not forward, that's why I use it as an example.)


                This is quite likely if the text is very small or, like the HD+, there is a lot of text per visible page.


                This has never really bothered, but, as I said, it usually happens while I adjust font size or face, so I am already forced to re-orient myself to the previous paragraph which, by necessity, has moved.

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                    Sorry but my Nook Color never did this. I even tested last night to be sure. It never advances or goes back a page when I adjust color theme. For Font changes I could see it happening sometimes, like if you go from very large to very small font or vice versa. But that's not really what i am talking about. I am just talking about changing the color. There is no logical reason for the page to advance. None. Nook Color stays on exact same page each and every time. Nook HD+, unfortunately advances a page.