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    Nook won't fully load.

      This morning, one of my kids goes to play a game on the Nook (Nook color HD). Moves the "Kids" profile icon and instead of bringing up the profile, it just says its loading. For a really long time. So I pressed the side power button, to turn it off. Later went to turn it on again, and it powers up with the gray screen. But when it gets to the 99%, it doesn't finish... I've tried turning it back on and off, mutltipe times. It's been on for hours now, still on the 99%. I have no idea what to do.... Suggestions????? 

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          I had this happen and it indicates that you have updates waiting to install you would need to go to my account in this site and download the updates which is probably Chrome
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            It's never done that for any of the other updates though.... And it wouldn't turn on for hours. Eventually I just let the battery run out and tried it again. But it did the same thing.

            So I reset it.... 

            Now, I've lost all that I've downloaded with Google, I can't get them to download again. It still says they're installed, even after I removed them on Google Play. Or tried to at least. And some times it turns off on its own. I have no idea what is going on with my Nook....