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      Just wondering if anyone else has been having Netflix issues this week!!Its been acting wacky and not working since Monday!!  It is driving me nuts!! Yesterday it finally said it needed to be updated.. then had me log in to my account and it worked fine all day. This morning... NOTHING!! I keep getting a message saying that it it tryning to connect to the available network?! What the heck!!?? Any Suggestions? HELP?

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          Just checked mine; connected without problem.  I sometimes forget to turn my WiFi on which results in a connection message.

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            Mine stopped working Wednesday and has not come back up since.  I keep getting "Activity Netflix (in application Netflix" is not responding"  wait or force close!!!  I was really enjoying my NETFLIX on the Nook Tablet...now, nothing.

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              Mine worked fine until Monday afternoon. Now it says 'New version of application is found, but your settings prevent its installation. Click OK to change your settings.' but clicking gets me nowhere. The BN helpdesk said to wait 24 hours. I really don't want to reset my color. I also had problems trying to buy a gift subscription yesterday morning at the Netflix homepage, so maybe they are having problems over there.

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                I'm having same problem. Just stopped working 2 days ago. Now won't even allow me to log in to my Netflix account on Nook. Netflix works fine on my other devices.

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                  Hello Guys,


                  The error might be due to the Netflix server, it was down recently, but now it should be fixed according to their forums. 

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                    I have no issues on my NOOK Tablet.  I am able to login, select something and view it on the Tablet.  Perhaps it was a server error.  Netflix is hosted by Amazon and they had a bunch of issues during the holidays and might still be going on.  But for now, if you are still experiencing issues, please call 1.800.THE.BOOK.

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                      Yeah, adding to that data point.


                      Even Amazon websites were down for an hour or so a few days ago.


                      AWS (Amazon Web Services) is what powers Netflix and a lot of other sites and server problems are relatively common.


                      Firstly, AWS itself goes down sometimes.


                      Secondly, when you use AWS you have things like deciding how many servers to use, how to balance loads, etc. There's lots of ways things can go wrong.

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