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    HD Series 2.2.0 Update


      New update for the HD Series devices was pushed out today. The three patch notes provided are:


      • Annual subscriptions available for many Magazines and Newspapers in the Shop.

      • Improved Accessability options

      • Push notifications for NOOK Store sales and promotions


      The first has been offered from the website for a few weeks, and it's nice to see it getting rolled out onto the devices. The year subscriptions are a bit cheaper than the monthly ones, and still come with the 14 day free trial. When you try to subscribe to a magazine or newspaper in the Shop, it now prompts whether you'd like an annual or monthly subscription with the prices of each.


      The second opens up a slew of new options in the Accessability menu in the options, including Extra Large Text, TalkBack, and Explore By Touch. Nice additions for people who need it.


      The final note I have yet to experience firsthand, but I assume it's simply advertising notifications for Daily Find, Free Fridays, and other special sales. It is completely disable-able in the Settings if you don't want them.


      The only unlisted chage I've found so far is that the navigation buttons on the home screen are now bright white instead of the light grey, making them much easier to see against any kind of darker background.

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          How do the annual subscriptions bill, all up front or divided by 12?
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            I have an HD+. Will this update affect me and, if so, when will I see it? I just checked and my version is 2.1.1. Thanks.s
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              Wonder when it will actually reach the devices. I don't see it yet. :smileysad:

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                Well, I received a notification this morning on my Nook HD that it had been updated to 2.2.0.  As part of that process, apparently, all but 5 widgets disappeared from my desktops, the App window shows no apps installed, all my custom bookshelves (of which I had about a dozen) disappeared, the "recent activity" popup messages "no recent activity," even though I use this device 4-5 hours a day, every day. 


                I can go into the Settings GUI and see the list of all my apps, installed and running.  I just can't use any of them.


                The chatty tech advised me to FFR (fdisk format reinstall), known in Nook parlance as deregister and erase.  


                I'm beyond anger.  I am a techie person who spends hours playing with his devices, like toys, and the installation and configuration of this device, now destroyed by the "update," represents a considerable investment of time, effort and thought -- which B&N had no right to destroy with a buggy "update."  Criminy, even the several magazines to which I subscribe through B&N were wiped out!  The irony is crushing.


                I started with the very first Nook and upgraded with every new device up to the HD.  What an idiot.


                You could do all your users a favor by putting in the option to turn off automatic updates.  But then, the product line has been turned over to Micro$oft, masters of the destructive update.  Oh well.



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                    Check your profile and make sure you still have access to the apps and magazines


                    Tap 'name's nook' then press and hold down on your profile, a contextual menu will appear, pick 'manage content'.  That should list everything on the Nook -and- everything your profile can see.  It's rare but it does happen where a profile, even if it's the only one on the Nook, can't see the content purchased.  You can add it all back by tapping the check box next to the catagory, or be selective by expanding the catagory and selecting what you do and do not want to show.


                    Unless that's what you meant by the settings GUI. 

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                      naugiedoggie wrote:

                      Well, I received a notification this morning on my Nook HD that it had been updated to 2.2.0.  As part of that process, apparently, all but 5 widgets disappeared from my desktops, the App window shows no apps installed, all my custom bookshelves (of which I had about a dozen) disappeared, the "recent activity" popup messages "no recent activity," even though I use this device 4-5 hours a day, every day. 



                      I did the update and had no problems. None, nada, zipperoonie. I can't understand why some folks got completely messed up and others, like me, did  not. As we only hear from those who had a problem, I wonder what the real ratio is? I bet it's significantly less than 50% or these boards would be lit up like a Christmas/Kwanza/Festivus tree.


                      So, let's hear from you. Did you have problems with the update? A simple yes or no suffices.

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                      My NOOK automatically updated. Now that it has, I wish it hadn't. I have recovered a few of my applications that were already on the NOOK, but the ones that were purchased from the Google Play Store will not show up. I can't get them to download into the NOOK. If I go through the Play Store, I can see them and the books and music that have been downloaded, but still not able to get them any other way. How do we fix this? I am extremely frustrated! My wife's is going to need updated too but trying to put it off until I can figure out how to fix this. Our children play on our NOOKs too and now they can't. Fix this or help us please!

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                          @ Cami,

                          Go into your profile, tap on edit profile, then manage content. Next, tap on apps, and check all the boxes for your google apps.

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                              Already done where you go into edit profile and then manage content. This only brought up the apps that were available on the NOOK already. It did not bring back any of my old apps from the Google Play Store. I can go in through the play store and play the games and books this way, but everything else is gone. Also this is the same on my wife's NOOK too. Am I just supposed to wait for them to update to be put back on our devices? If they update they get put in the "apps" but other than that I just have to go search for them and then open them this way. I have some games that I love and am not uninstalling just to lose my progress! What do I do? My wife's NOOK updated as well before we could even stop it. We're frustrated beyond belief! And now my NOOK Store isn't loading and on the front page where it says "your NOOK TODAY", it keeps saying connect to the internet and we have strong wifi. This is happening on both NOOKs. I love these things because they are great for games and books and definitely for the children, BUT we're having so many problems from the update that it's ridiculous!

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                                  My lock screen froze and then I got stuck at 99% loading. I did the factory reset and had to step through three updates, starting from the original browser with the Article View function. After the update before the reset, I had the new Nook bookmarks folder with 6 or 7 bookmarks. Now I have that bookmarks folder but it is empty.
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                                      No problems here.


                                      I think that the more you customize your device, the more chance you have of an upgrade going wrong (the installer probably assumes things that customization may break). With that said, I do think B&N ought to give you the option to upgrade, or at least the option to roll back to a system backup that it created just before the new version was installed.

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                                In response to lochnez


                                I had NO problems whatsoever.

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                                  heh... my Nook HD updated.. and now it won't turn off. Needed to reboot, but nope... can't shut it down for anything. sigh. guess i'll have to do it the hard way and let the battery die.

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                                    no issues with updating to 2.2. 




                                    i have very noticeable DECREASED battery life .


                                    i did the all settings>device information to see what was draining the battery.


                                    BLUETOOTH used 45% of my battery life, and I HAVE IT TURNED OFF.  never use bluetooth, so how is turned-off bluetooth now draining my battery??