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    cannot login to Netflix app on Nook tablet or config the account or view online on nook

      I just got my netflix account and am excited to use it on my nook tablet... or I was. I only got one day's use out of it. The next day it says there's an issue with my internet connection, but there isn't. Later that same day it tels me that I need to update the app... which I don't know how to and didn't see a way to do so. Now all I get from the app is a black screen.


      I tried doing the settings>app settings>home>configure Netflix account and I'm greeted with this wrong username and/or password mess. But when I log onto the website, the username and password work, and I can log in just fine.... so long as it's through the website. However, I'm met with a blockade because when I try to view movies, I get told that I don't meet the "Instant Watching system requirements".


      What gives? Does anyone have any idea what I can do to? Thanks in advance.