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    please more adult apps and no more Berenstein Bears.

      I know reading is important for kids but 14 berenstein bears app books?? That is a little crazy. Could we please get more apps to enhance what our Nooks can do and maybe some games like the angry bird expansions and scrabble or even monopoly or something. I was super excited when I saw we were up to 181 apps until I saw so many for kids again. Kids are not in the majority of Nook owners or probably users of the Nook either. We adults have the cash so please let us have something good to buy. Im becoming very tempted to pay someone to root my Nook just so it can be used to its full potential. Please fix this. And Sam if you see this please pass it on to the people deciding which apps get added. If people agree we need more adult apps please post a reply with what you want and your frustrations.